Tuesday, October 25, 2011


My muse is my best friend at the moment. I've been really pleased how much progress I'm making on my new novel. I typed like a demon today and have reached 20,000 words. Recently I was questioning my drafting process. I write everything in my notepad and then I type it out. I wondered if I was making twice the work for myself, but today as I typed my hand written notes I noticed I was able to expand on these same notes and fill in all those missing pieces - everything just seemed to fall into place. Although I do have a laptop, so no excuse of where I can type, I find it comforting the old fashioned way - pen and paper.

I always find it interesting learning about how other writers go about their process of writing. I wonder if there ever has been a writer that writes from the beginning all the way to the end? When I started this novel I intended to start at Chapter One and let it unfold from there. Chapter by chapter. Sounds good in theory. But it doesn't seem to work that way, well not for me anyway. Already I've drafted a few chapters that will appear towards the end of the novel. After all these years I accept that the chapters in between haven't presented themselves yet, because whatever I need to hear or see or even realise hasn't happened yet.

Writing is a beautiful thing. It keeps my head in a good place and it gives me a sense of who I am. That is important to me. I woke up early this morning and I had a full writing day. The satisfaction I feel right now is priceless. My day flew by and in this moment I feel content just being me, a writer.

Keep writing....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I have been inspired by recent short story acceptances, preparations for the cover art of my first novel Dream Keeper and a desire from an agent for me to send the rest of my second novel manuscript! (She had read the first few chapters and wants to read more!) The confidence all this has given me is having a truly positive effect on my writing. Over the weekend, not sure how it happened, this scene jumped into my head. I knew it wasn't a short story. I scribbled down notes like a demon and there it was the seeds to my third novel was planted. I am going to tackle my new novel one chapter at a time and as soon as a new character appears I will create a character outline. If my thoughts wander ahead I have allocated lots of space at the back of my note book to jot things down (whether it is for another chapter, character or scene further along) - this way nothing will be forgotten and there will be no regrets. Every day I have promised myself to write at the very least five hundred words of this novel.

Why am I posting this? Because I need this in writing - it will help keep me focused and motivated. It will also remind me of the goal I have set for myself and the feelings of confidence I am enjoying right now. Well, that is the plan! Will keep you posted.

Keep writing....

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


A productive day for me! I finished the final draft of a twist in the tale short story. This got me thinking about twists and how I go about writing them. The challenge of the twist is to create the illusion and provide the diversion – that’s what makes the reader assume.

I begin by knowing what my twist will be and then draft everything leading up to the twist. Think of it as writing a story backwards. This is how I go about doing the twist:

Think of an ending then work out how you are going to reach that ending. Imply the view you wish your reader to assume. Have some fun by guiding the reader up that proverbial garden path – let them assume without deceiving them. You need to plant things which will fit in to the real outcome of your story without being too obvious. Weave in just enough hints to make the outcome plausible. You know your ending, so be clever here and use incidents/descriptions/emotions that would also relate to an idea entirely different to your ending. Even the title of your story can get readers assuming.

The twist in the tale is not about concealing the truth from the reader, it’s about slight hints, subtle signposts or clues that will end with your twist AND tie in with the ‘misconception’ you are building.

Do not reveal essential clues too early. Leave that until later on in your story; the last paragraph or even the final sentence.

Here some ideas you might like to use to get you twisting:

The main character appears to be young but turns out be old.
The hero turns out to be the villain or vice versa.
Mother assumes teenage son up to no good but quite the opposite.
Elderly mother overhears conversation about ‘being put away’ but turns out to be an inanimate object they are talking about.
The main character appears to be on a doomed flight but is really stuck in a Ferris wheel.
The main character appears to be on holiday, lying on the beach, but is actually in a sandpit.

Twist stories do take some planning and plotting. They are a challenge. But with some persistence and smart thinking a successful twist story is a joy to write, a pleasure to read and the publishers love them!

Keep writing ….

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Thank you to Rosemary Gemmell for this award. One of the special things for me that has come out of blogging are the wonderful friends I have made, and it meant a lot to me to be considered a 'friendly blogger'. There are so many bloggers I have come across that I would also like to pass this award onto. I've included those who haven't (as far as I know) received this award and are deserving of it. Here is a short list of bloggers, because if I were to post a link to all the friendly bloggers I know, this post would be never-ending:

Patsy Collins, Sarah Duncan, Womagwriter, Janice Horton, Gail Crane and Suzanne Jones .

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Further to my post IT'S A BIG BOAT I just had to let you know after riding those rough seas of rejection and despite those low feelings that come with that, I sailed through with loads of persistence and determination and found that island of acceptance. Woo Hoo! I just found out I have had two stories accepted! Not only am I over the moon at having the short stories accepted (been a while for me between acceptances) but I have finally cracked the UK market - a first for me.

Sending good vibes to all you writers out there. Keep positive and arm yourself with that all important persistence and determination.

Keep writing....

Monday, October 3, 2011


I've been aiming at posting once a week on my blog and had been happy with myself when I managed to achieve this, until one of the tips I got from Angela from The Bookshelf Muse was to try and post twice a week - this I will have to work towards. If you are interested in making your blog stand out and like me, wondering how to increase your following, The Bookshelf Muse has posted a series on blogging tips.

Today I sat poised staring at a blank page for a ridiculous amount of time wondering what to blog about. Eventually, I asked myself what is it I like reading in blogs? I do enjoy information about writing; from tips, writing experiences to markets. I also enjoy reading snippets of information about writers - the lives they lead outside of their writing world and what makes them tick.

What draws you to a particular blog? What do you enjoy reading about in blogs?