Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Here are some interesting writing prompts I came across and wanted to share them with you. I hope you find them useful:-

A baby sitter is snooping around her employer’s house and finds a disturbing photograph….

You come home and check your phone messages. You get to your third message and freeze….

A drunk man sits next to you in a bar, thinks you’re his buddy and starts confessing ‘the truth’. Write about what the truth is, and what you do with that information.

Write for ten minutes using, ‘I used to think….’

What would you do with three wishes?

Describe a perfect world.

Write a letter to someone you feel you need to spend more time with.

Write about one of the most difficult decisions you’ve made in your life.

Begin your story with:

    This time her boss had gone too far…

    The garden was overgrown now…

    He’d never noticed a door there before…

    She’d have to hitch a ride home…

    She touched the little box in her pocket and

Happy Writing ….


  1. Interesting prompts - thanks!

  2. Hi there Patsy! You are welcome. Maybe they will come in handy when we're looking for our next writing project, or at the least get us going. Have a great day x

  3. These are good, Diane - thank you for posting them. It's always nice to have something to get you started when you're a bit stuck for ideas x

  4. I am really pleased you liked the writing prompts Teresa. Thank you x

  5. Thanks for sharing these, Diane - I'm sure one or two will come in very useful!

  6. Hmmm interesting prompts, Diane! I'll have to keep these in mind next time I run dry!

  7. I was thinking about writing a story but i got no ideas. when i got to these, i was like wow , they'd make a great story.. but coming to think of it. It isn't even my own idea. how could i call the story mine? But i really really can't think of anything, how do you think that stuff?

    1. Hello Amanpreet, the idea of writing prompts is to give us writers a starting point when we are stuck for ideas. What you would create from an idea would be your story. Reading helps too.. or just plain ol' relaxing. Pick up a pen and let your imagination guide you :-)