Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I have been running around in circles looking for that incentive to motivate me. Not all that long ago I was pumping out stories with an enthusiasm that surprised me. I was always inspired and ideas for my stories came from a seemingly endless fountain of creativity. The dwindling of short story markets and the difficulty of making a mark in the novel publishing industry had left me feeling discouraged.
I hung in there. I hoped for the best. I waited for incentive to find me – and that’s exactly what happened today. Turning the pages of That’s Life Magazine a photo of myself smiled back at me. The caption read; ‘I’ll never stop writing.’

I had been interviewed by the magazine a few months ago and hoped they would run a story promoting my novel Dream Keeper, but had no idea it was out in this week’s issue.

The article titled: ‘My Dream Became A Novel’, reminded me of my aspirations as a writer and the journey I had travelled from unpublished to published writer; which took a lot of perseverance and determination – every bit of it worth it! The article is a great promotional tool for my novel and I am very grateful for that, but more importantly it reminded me of who I am and why I write.

Today I have found my incentive and I feel inspired, so I’m off to do what makes me happy …. WRITE!


  1. Hey Diane...what a great suprise for you to see that article in That's Life. Glad to hear that you haven't lost that inspiration. Keep up with the writing. :)

  2. Thank you Teresa and Gavin - appreciated that you left a comment. I am going to finish drafting a short story I started yesterday and submit it with a renewed confidence (keep your fingers crossed for me)! :-)

  3. Hi Diane

    Thanks for your posts. You provide a great role model for your readers and for those of us who would like to emulate your success. Your post echoes the triumphs and disappointments of great female writers such as Virginia Woolfe and George Sand. I've been reading excerpts from their diaries and letters in a book called 'The Literary Ladies' Guide to the Writing Life.' It contains many inspirational quotes from those who have been there before us.

    Congratulations on the article and good luck with your latest project.

  4. Thank you so much Sharon. Your comment means a lot to me. Truly appreciated x

  5. I understand exactly how you felt, Diane. The current state of the short story market has left me feeling discouraged, too. But seeing yourself in print is a wonderful incentive to write more, isn't it.
    Congrats on the article and the best of luck with the short story.

  6. That's a very positive ending to your post, Diana - must have been great to see your piece in front of you!

  7. Hello Gail - I must remember in future that I am not alone. Thanks for the congrats.

    Hi Rosemary - Thanks for leaving a comment. I have to admit that article got published at just the right time! :-)

  8. I was sure I left a comment the other day, Diane, but it doesn't seem to be here! Maybe I forgot to complete it (most probable).

    How lovely to see your piece in the magazine. I can imagine how much it must have encouraged you in your dream. It's lovely to see how positive you are - keep the dream alive!

  9. What a nice surprise - and just at the right moment, too.

  10. Rosemary - thanks for that... Mmmm you did leave a comment the other day - tho loved hearing from you again!

    Patsy - Yes it was a nice surprise.. a much needed one. Thanks again for leaving a comment on my blog :-)