Wednesday, June 29, 2011


As optimistic as I try to be (I'm one of those people who strive on turning a negative into a positive) the last couple of days have been a true tester of my resilience. Not one, two or three, but eight story rejections! That has to be some kind of record - perhaps that is the positive? I don't think so.

The increase in writers and the dwindling of magazines publishing stories is making it increasingly difficult to secure that elusive acceptance. What are the options?

Option 1 - Accept that the battle is already lost and hang up the pen. This option I would prefer other writers to take, which in theory should reduce the supply of stories therefore increasing the demand for my stories (laughing).

Option 2 - Focus on giving my stories the edge. Write to create a story which stands out from the rest, for all the right reasons. Revise and edit until I am true to myself and know it is a publishable story. Resubmit my stories. As I remember it was only a couple of weeks ago the same story I sent three times to the same publisher  was finally accepted, there is a glimmer of hope.

I choose Option 2.

So, in conclusion, I will continue to be optimistic and I will turn this negative into a positive by using those rejections to challenge myself to become a better writer.

At the end of the day, despite the dwindling short story market and the mountain of rejections, I know what I want - I want to write!

Keep on writing ....


  1. Last year I sold a story that had been written way back in 1982. I'd always had faith in it and every few years would send it off again. Finally it paid off. The lesson - trust your own instincts.

  2. Excellent advice, thank you Lynne.

  3. Sorry to hear about those, Diane - but you have the right, positive attitude. We can only keep trying - sometimes it just takes the right editor to read a particular story.

  4. Sorry you got so many rejections around the same time, Diane.
    You'll keep writing and submitting because you need to.
    Even editors have off days...

  5. Sorry about the rejections, but you've got a great attitude - keep trying :o)

  6. If it's any consolation, I've had a stack of rejects over the last week or so. Good try with your option 1, but I'm not doing that! ;-)

  7. Appreciated all your comments and encouragement. Thank you Rosemary, Carol, Karen and Patsy. Good to know I'm not the only one Patsy, and LOL about Option 1... can't blame a girl for trying ;-)

  8. Hard luck on all the rejections, Diane. One thing all us writers need is a thick skin. Plus the ability to pick ourselves up and try again.
    You have the right attitude - Good Luck!

  9. I really struggle with this too. Thanks for your encouragement and I will take your advice.

  10. Thank you very much Sally and Sharon for leaving a comment. Absolutely right Sally, pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. Keep on writing... :-)