Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Some may call it an addiction while others, an obsession or even a fetish. Whatever you want to call it I have been craving an acceptance fix. I had all the symptoms: frustration, restlessness, grumpiness, desperation etc. Although I am still writing short stories (something I will always do) that acceptance has not been forthcoming! Over the last few months I decided to think outside of my usual box and write articles as well. The good news is my efforts have been rewarded. Writers Voice, the quarterly bulletin of the Fellowship of Australian Writers, accepted my fourth article in a row today – giving me my acceptance fix. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

So, if you’re craving your acceptance fix why not think outside your usual box? Use your creativity to expand your chances of getting something published (trust me, the boost in confidence it gives you makes it worth your while) – try a letter to a magazine, poem, article or enter a writing competition. To get you started there is this 100 word story competition with a chance to win ₤1000. I was excited about this until I found out my geography was all wrong. So if you live in the UK give it a go!

I’m off to do some more writing…


  1. Congratulations on your acceptances, Diane! Enjoy your fix.

    Claire (Baxter)

  2. Glad you had your acceptance fix, Diane! You're quite right that we should try different types of writing - that's what I've always done and it does help. Thanks for the comp - they ran one last year and I'm sure they had thousands of entries!

  3. Yay - well done, Diane. So pleased to read your good news.


  4. Thanks for your comments Rosemary and Suzanne. I'm still hoping on some good news in regards to a short story acceptance (goodness knows I've sent heaps out) ...Mmmm...hopefully soon!

  5. I'm a fellow sufferer of the acceptance craving!

    Congratulations on writing and getting those articles accepted, instead of just getting depressed about the shortage od short story sales.

  6. Thank you Patsy :-) ... glad to hear I am not alone!