Thursday, September 15, 2011


It was a glorious spring day today. I was stuck on a short story I was working on and my head was buzzing with ideas that were going absolutely nowhere. Deciding it would be a shame to waste such a beautiful day I took 'the boss of me' - my four year old daughter - to the beach.

There wasn't a cloud in the blue sky, the yellow sands stretched far on either side of us and when I saw the smile on Jessi's face, I knew I'd made the right decision. Jessi jumped up and down in the waves, squealing with delight as though she'd never been on a beach before. I suppose to a little one last summer was a life time ago. I did venture out knee deep and thought either of two things were happening here; an enormous iceberg somewhere far beyond the horizon has melted or my little angel had no feeling in her small body - perhaps she was numbed by the cold? The water was freezing!

It was a calming day (for the both of us) - listening to the waves rolling in, with one eye on Jessi and the other taking in the beautiful surrounds:- golden sands, shells glittering in the sunlight, sea birds diving into the depths of blue to catch their feed, water crashing against the rocks of the headland and sailing boats appearing and disappearing behind the islands.

I did do some writing on the beach. I wrote a shopping list. Does that count as writing? Perhaps not.

But the beauty of it all was that I made a little girl very happy (hopefully she sleeps early and sleeps all night) and when I came home my mind wasn't buzzing and swirling around. I was able to finish writing that short story and am pleased with the result.

So do take some time out for yourself or for someone else and recharge those batteries. It is truly worth it....


  1. Sounds just perfect! Taking time out of writing to recharge is often what we need to get those creative juices flowing! x

  2. You are so right Amanda - I will definitely being doing that more often :-) x

  3. What a great way to charge up those writing batteries. Shame about those icebergs melting way out over the horizon but I am sure the warm waters will return so that you too can enjoy the water as much as Jessi did. I hope there are many more days like that for you.

  4. That sounds like a perfect day, Diane, for you and your little girl. The sea is so inspirational and calming too - glad you finished that story!

    Here's a favourite quote for you that's on my website: 'Sit in reverie, and watch the changing color of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind.' Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  5. Sounds like it was a great way to unwind and get that story back on track Diane, and for your daughter to have fun too.

  6. Gavin - thank you :-)
    Rosemary - I do like that quote thank you x
    Carol - I will be doing a lot more unwinding in the near future that's for sure. It did me the world of good.

  7. There's nowhere quite like a beach to unwind, is there.

    I walked across the marsh alongside our bit of coast this morning. Hardly any people, lots of birds, wide open space and the sound of waves on the shingle. Heaven.

  8. Hi Gail. So true. Your coast sounds lovely..your comment has made me wonder how many variations there must be in the coasts around the world.

  9. I believe we all need a break from writing now and again, even if its only for a few hours, its often enough to allow our minds a bit of breathing space.

    I bet when you got back to it you felt refreshed too?

  10. Hello Maria, I sure did feel refreshed and it was amazing to me how my creative thoughts seemed to unwind and untangle themselves. Thank you for leaving a comment :-)

  11. Ah, spring (wistful sigh). We're hurtling towards winter and they've promised it's going to be another cold one :0(

    Glad you had such a lovely day.


  12. Hi Suzanne, yes I have heard about your winters..brrrr..sounds way too cold for my liking. I plan to have many more lovely days as we come into our warmer weather - good for the mind, body and the soul :-)