Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I once read writing a novel is the easy part. At the time I wasn't sure exactly what that meant. But now as I market my novel, Dream Keeper, I know exactly what that means. I'm not all that comfortable with self-promotion but I do know it is something I need to do to make readers aware of my book. I write, as I'm sure many others do, to be read. I'm trying to bring the attention of Dream Keeper to my obvious market, the readers. I had this idea to join readers forums so I could let as many readers out there know of my novel's existence. I am finding promoting one's book on such sites is considered spam and has left me wondering how does a writer promote their novel on line? I even tried to leave my website address as my signature; I wasn't able to do that because that too is considered spam. I really don't see what is so wrong about promoting a novel you've put your heart and soul in, to readers, in readers' forums.

Has anybody got any ideas how I can promote my novel online without upsetting the so called 'powers that be' ?

I feel like I have hit a brick wall. But, on the up side, I came across an interesting saying the other day: 'If you hit a brick wall don't hit your head up against it - find a way around it!'

So if anybody out there has any suggestions about how I can find a way around my brick wall, I would be very grateful.

Keep writing... keep reading...


  1. Sorry, I don't know anything about marketing except that it's hard work and time consuming!

  2. You got that right Patsy - about the hard work and time consuming. But it's ok..I was frustrated yesterday and after a good night's sleep have decided the best way to tackle this is the same way I do with my writing - persistence, determination and passion! Not to mention a few deep breaths, counting to ten and whatever else it might take! Note to self - I am not giving up! x

  3. Yes, Diane, it's hard work and very frustrating. But Teresa has the right idea - a blog tour would be one way to go.

  4. :-) Thanks Teresa and Rosemary. One of the reasons I do enjoy keeping a blog is finding people who understand the frustrations of being a writer. Blog tour sounds good. x

  5. If you decide to have one, I'd love to be a host xx

  6. Hi Teresa (asking this with embarrassment) - Is a "blog tour" when people post about ur book? Der to me. If it is what I'm thinking - sounds great thanks :-) Hope your xmas went well.