Thursday, December 29, 2011


It has been a good year for me. I managed to to get some short stories published here in Australia, and for the first time broke into the overseas market - thanks to The Weekly News in the UK. I've had several articles published in the Fellowship of Australian Writers, Writers Voice; they've really boosted my confidence in wanting to share my knowledge/opinions with other writers. Being a part of the novella, Sounds and Silence, brought together by various members of the FAW (NSW) Isolated Writers' Branch was an enjoyable experience for me. I can't even explain the awesome feeling of holding my first published novel, Dream Keeper, in my hands - magic! I surprised myself this year and maintained my writing focus which also enabled me to draft out a non-fiction book and another novel. No, not bragging, just acknowledging to myself that with focus and determination I am able to complete tasks that I set for myself!

I'm looking forward to 2012. I'm pumped up and feeling confident. Yes, there is still so much to learn, but to me that's what living is about - learning. I am passionate about inspiring new writers along their writing journey while I continue my own journey to improve my writing skills as I further nurture my craft.

I've been reading various blogs about setting writing goals. There are those who are dead-set against it and those who wisely advise not to set your expectations too high, but do set some goals. Personally, I will be setting myself some goals because I need that sense of direction.

What are your opinions about goal setting and will you be setting yourself writing goals for 2012? I would very much like to hear from you.

Well, I'm off to set myself some goals for 2012...

Keep writing....


  1. You certainly have done well this year! Hope 2012 brings you more of the same.

    Yes, I'll be setting myself some goals. The first one is to write some goals ...

  2. Congrats on reaching the ultimate goal, published! YAY!!!

    I'm working on my own set of goals right now. Most of which include writing, reading and editing.

  3. Patsy - thank you so much. Yeah, i believe goals are a good thing. Be curious to know how that list of yours turns out. :-)

    Write me happy - thank you! Good luck with all your goals, may you exceed all your expectations in 2012.

  4. What a great year - and I hope 2012 is even better :-)
    I haven't done well with goals lately so I probably won't be setting any (how boring that sounds!) x

  5. Thanks heaps Teresa. No excuse not to set goals, lol... go on I dare you. Hugs x

  6. Congratulations on all you've achieved this year, and best wishes for an equally successful 2012.

    I set flexible goals, as you just don't know what might happen to delay you along the way. If you don't reach the target one year, there's always the following year. :)

  7. What a terrific year, Diane. Here's hoping you have a terrific 2012.


  8. Carol - thank you! I like the idea of your flexible goals. x

    Suzanne - Thanks heaps, and same to you. x

  9. Wishing you much happiness, health and success in 2012, Diane. What a great year you've had! I'm in the middle of writing a few goals, mainly things to finish and send out.

  10. Thanks Rosemary x. Happy New Year :-)

  11. What a fabulous year, lots of good happening things. Well done, I expect you did so well because you did make plans.

    I agree with you, I personally need a sense of direction, so I will be setting goals, however, I need to make them in manageable stages, so they are achievable, otherwise I get down hearted, and negative thoughts enter my head.

    Writing, is after all a lonely business if you let it be...and its easy to let the voice of doubt creep in and do damage.

    The trick for me is to be able to tick stuff off a list each week. The list is part of a bigger list, which in turn, I can put lines through projects as I get there.

    Good luck with all that you decide to do - I look forward to seeing your goal list very soon.

    Happy New Year


  12. Congratulations for your writing successes in 2011 and here's to many more in 2012.

    I like to set writing goals too.

  13. Maria - many wise words there, thank you. I've typed out my list. I would like to beat my record of short story sales in a calender year, I have two novel fiction manuscripts and one non-fiction manuscript I am going to revise and hopefully find a home for, articles to write, aiming for a blog post each week, start a new novel manuscript and of course keep promoting my first published novel, Dream Keeper. It's a busy list but my youngest starts school this year, so I should have plenty of time to myself. Well, that is the plan anyway!

    Patsy - Happy New Year. Stay happy :-)

    Debs - Thank you so much. I wish you all the best for 2012 too!